Preparation for Jaw Surgery

Why am I blogging? I thought it would be a good way to document my upcoming jaw surgery and have an occasional rant. I have started blogs previously but the novelty wore of after a few weeks. Well to be honest that was not the only factor, being a mum to three boys 4, 3 and 2 who need constant supervision means having a moment to myself is reserved for toilet breaks. I know I should not moan as children are a blessing but at times, well most days I feel at breaking point. 

One of the longest relationships I’ve had, over six years is with my braces and hopefully it will soon be coming to an end! No my teeth were not that offensive just bad timing with unplanned pregnancies and breastfeeding meaning I could not have my orthognatic surgery with maxillomandibular advancement. Simply meaning double jaw surgery to move both jaws forward. Did I mention they break both jaw bones to bring them forward and fix them with screws, that could get infected…okay I know I need to calm down it will be fine In Shah Allah.

Surgery is less than three weeks away and yesterday marked the beginning of preparation for surgery. It was at 10.00 which meant running round like a headless chicken in the morning getting the three boys dressed and fed. The oldest dropped to school and then chauffeur the younger two, to my parents house. I got to hospital with ten minutes to spare only to be told that they were running 45 minutes late, did I want to rearrange? I left the hospital at 13.30 and I am due back in next Thursday again hopefully it will not run late. Today my mouth is aching so much that it is difficult to eat as the extra wiring and hooks are so tight. Well they have to be tight otherwise there is a danger they could fall into my jaw.

Prep for surgery – Hooks and wiring
Right the boys are now fighting again so that’s all for today!



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