Loyalty Points

Are you like me and collect loyalty points where ever you can? I know at times it does seem like a bit of a gimmick  as a year later you have a only accumulated a few pounds. Then there are vouchers which you cannot just use instead their is a commitment to make an unnecessary purchase just so that you can use the voucher.

I have used the Tesco clubcard boost where you exchange vouchers for family day out to Drusillas as Leo and Ralph (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) were making an appearance and the boys are obsessed especially the older one. Looking back if I did not have the vouchers I do not think we would have gone as it was a bit like a car boot sale with a bit of everything but no clear identity. I know it says ‘it’s more than an ordinary zoo’ but I would say more a dysfunctional farm. 

Over the years my boots points have served me well, whether it be for putchasing a bottle of water or stocking up on my favourite perfume Chance (Chanel). With the added bonus of the mother and baby club meaning 10 points for every pound, being a parent has its perks. My points had been building up nicely and my husband kept on reminding me that I should spend them…leave my points alone! Yes I do hold on to them as it gives me a satisfaction seeing how many I have at the bottom of my reciept…I know what your thinking but do I care no. I guess I knew time was up on the points when even the pharmacist in the local boots kindly informed me that I should use them…will everyone just leave my points alone? 

So I gave in purchased a new toothbrush, yes I know it does not seem very exciting but having a brace means a good electrical toothbrush is essential as the amount of places for food to get stuck is unreal. Also must I point out that it was less than half price at just under a £100 and I still had points left over to buy the husband some beard oil and nappies, well I guess I owe them considering the extra points. 

Say hello to the Oral B Genius 9000 (Braun). I guess I’ll find out what the ‘Genius’ is all about in due course but one thing I must say it is so astethically pleasing. Pure black sophistication with a lit menu and Bluetooth…well lets hope it functions as well as it looks (will review in due course). 

The clock is ticking so that means time to earn some brownie points with my eldest son school as part of the PTA (Parent Teacher Association), which means giving up my Saturday to help out at the Christmas fair. I guess it’s only fair as the younger two will be benefit from it as well. 

#drusillas #bootsadvantagecard #tescoclubcard #oralbgenius9000 #pta #tmnt


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