Preparation for Jaw Surgery (part 2)

It’s drawing closer, two weeks to go and the worry is slowly starting to worm its way into my thoughts! Yesterday made it seem more real, even though I have been waiting for it for years. The worry is not so much for the operation but the fact I will be in hospital for at least a couple of days, away from the boys. Together they are handful and came become impossible for anyone to look after. 

I had my two final appointments prior to surgery, the first was with the preassessement team, who went through my medical history and the support that I required if needed. I also had a routine health check, blood pressure, height, weight, few blood tests. Nothing sinister to report thank God Ma Shah Allah.

Then it was straight to the Orthodontics department for the ‘work up’ which basically meant measuring every millimetre of my face, and letting me know that I had a big nose! Then I had moulds of my teeth taken, I have had so many but it still makes me feel as though I am going to choke to death every time. Then the surgeon put some Hannibal style contraptions on me to make sure my jaws stayed in place during surgery.

Once all the poking and prodding had finished the procedure was explained. I am having double jaw surgery which would give me the correct bite. At the moment when I bite down on my back teeth there is an overhang of about 1cm, meaning being able to put your thumb in between your top jaw and bottom. It will also make my nose look more proportional to my face (smaller). Lastly it would resolve my sleep apnea as the wider opening would mean more oxygen to my brain. 

The actual surgery will not be painful, despite taking over three hours and breaking both jaws to bring them forward and then setting them with screws. The worst will be the aftermath when it will look like I have gone a few rounds with Tyson as my face will swell and be bruised. Thank God it’s the holidays and I do not have to do the school run for a few weeks. 

Till then I have a handful of leaflets to scrutinise and an endless list to make some headway with.


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