I hate Mondays and I am sure there are many of you that would agree. The thought of having to drag yourself at an ungodly hour to be packed like sardines on a train to London that will more than likely be delayed. Well that was my hatred for Mondays before I became a mum. Now the thought of going to work seems almost attractive. 

Having my three boys and occasionally my fourth (husband) the days all seem like a Monday. I think my least favourite day is now a Sunday as I have a uniform for the eldest to get ready and six outfits for the younger two for nursery. Then there is the wellies, hats, book bag need I carry on. 

I am actually beginning to warm to Monday, after 9.00 anyway as I have done the morning school run and have some time to gather my thoughts and get on with the million and one things I’ve been putting off. Forget that the ‘things’ can wait another day, the world will not end. Instead I curled up on the sofa drinking a hot…not a lukewarm cup of tea and eating a pain au raisin. After that a power nap was definitely in order. 

Well that was the plan instead there were things that had to be done prior to the boys getting at home so I think it’s an early night for me after a cup of tea that I asked the husband for about an hour ago, but no such luck! 


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