Preparation for Jaw Surgery (Part 3)

This morning I had to make an unplanned trip to the hospital much to my annoyance as I already had my day planned. I got a phone call yesterday afternoon to let me know the surgeons were not happy with my wax bite, they reassured me it was going to be a quick appointment. Three hours later I got back in the car for my long suffering dad to drive me home just in time to pick the oldest from school. 

Well I redid my wax bite not once but twice, which got sent to the Laboratory to be set up, which meant a forty minute wait. At least I got to drink my second cup of tea and then wait again, I was so bored of the main waiting area. 

Finally I got called in and the surgeon accompanied the orthodontist to take some more measurements and prod my face a bit more. A bit more chat about the operation and then the orthodontist kindly gave me a bottle of antibacterial mouthwash and told me to hide it as they were not supposed to give it out! Then you guessed I got told to wait outside as it was the moulds that were the problem which had to be done upstairs. 

This time the wait was only 15 minutes before the orthodontist came to get me and then it was time to do my moulds which is probably the thing that I hate the most as when the plates are in your mouth with the paste you feel as though your going to gag. Then you have to spend a good few hours (okay slight exaggeration) trying to get the bits lodged in your brace back out. Well they did the first mould of my lower teeth and sent straight to the lab so if there were any problems it could be sorted straight away.    So ten minutes later I had another one much to the orthodontists annoyance once completed she said, ‘if they do not like it they can come and do it themselves.’ photos redone. So I got my pink card and headed over there. Only to get there and see that Medical Photography was closed for lunch that’s another half an hour to wait around in the cold corridor. 

An hour later and I was already to go home, so we rushed back to my parents had a quick bite, filled up petrol and got to school as they were being let out…phew!  

On Wednesday afternoon before I received the phone call I went for a hygienist appointment as I thought it would be a good idea to get all the lodged bits and pieces out of my mouth before surgery next week. The reason why I’m mentioning it was because the hygienist also had had the surgery but only the bottom Jaw. 

When I looked at her face to me it looked square and for the first time I was scared at what my face would look like after. I have seen loads of images online and in leaflets but this is the first time I had seen it for real. I tried to put it to the back of my mind and get through that annoying metal on metal high pitched whizzing as she cleaned my teeth. She was so lovely and talked me through the brushing during it and the tricks to try and clean my teeth in the first few weeks. Just a week to go before I check into hospital! 


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