After another late night, no not painting the town red! Instead scavenging the house for crafts bits to attach to a jumper as I had not had the time to buy a Christmas jumper for the eldest. Also I did not really see the point to buy it for one day as we do not celebrate Christmas, yes call me Mrs Scrooge. You think I would have learned from the Children in Need top class incident but as usual I was ‘’ as my husband refers to it!

Finally got in to bed at 1am, I know this as a random beep goes of at that time every night and we have never got round to turning it off.

In a blink of an eye it was the morning, urghhh. I looked at my mobile and pressed the snooze button, after the third snooze I realised it’s not going to go away so I dragged myself out of bed and went to get the eldest! He cleverly places himself in the furthest corner in the top bunk so I cannot reach him. This morning I had a bargaining tool, ‘I’ve made you a Christmas jumper’, I said. The smile on his face was priceless and he got out of his bed and went to get ready.

My husband noticed him itching, which is quite usual as he gets dry skin often, but he decide to check it out and lifted his top to see a few small red spots on his torso. My face dropped, I really did not need this right now, blasted chicken poxs or pops if you ask the boys. I wanted to cry as I knew it was going to be a circle of at least three weeks. With my operation only a week away, leaving them all poorly was making me feel even more guilty then I already did. Not forgetting all the effort I had spent last night getting his jumper ready. I know in the grand scale of things it did not matter but I was quite proud of it!

The middle one had, had a temperature since the night before and the youngest was not at his best but there was still no rest. I thought as they were all feeling poorly, it would mean them lazing on the sofa, but no they seemed to have ramped up the level of mayhem. I kept on telling them that they needed to rest, and they did for thirty seconds then it was all go.

I posted my ill fate on facebook like you do, not expecting much apart from a few acknowledgements and words of advice. However one of the mums was so kind and offered to drop some camomile lotion if I needed it. I had only started talking to her since the beginning of September as our kids had been going to the same nursery. I was in two minds as the eldest had not complained of itching after giving him a cool shower in the morning. Then I thought what if it did get itchy, I could not just keep on giving him baths as my husband would not get home till late. So I took up the offer and she came and dropped it round as she was popping out anyway and literally lives two minutes away. See how I am trying to make myself feel better for accepting it. It definitely good to know that there is still a sense of community where we live.

Chicken Pox

  • My child only had a few spots but you can be absolutely covered like I did when I had them
  • You can give piriton if the itching becomes really bad (last resort)
  • Use Camomile lotion to help relieve itching
  • Stocking filled with oats in the bath help (have not tried this yet)
  • Only give paracetamol for temperature.

Each child is an individual so if your unsure speak to your doctor. I better get some rest as I am sure it’s going to be an extra busy day, yawn!


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