The day after the night before

How can I still be suffering from the last night? We went out last night to celebrate my husbands birthday today, well it was more of a joint one as we never got round to going out for mine as one of the boys was ill. So I envisaged a relaxed evening with a bit of shopping maybe, a meal I could actually savour without worrying about the boys running riot and even a mint tea and shisha to round of the evening. 

As usual the husband had other ideas involving the Arcerlor Mittal Orbit. I did not know what it was either but to my horror it was a shute slide. I am not claustrophobic or scared of heights much but I hate slides that are enclosed an avoid them, even the ones at the local park. So you can imagine my face when I saw it. There it was standing proud, a mix of menancing red steel curved round a grey circling walkway. I admired it during the Olympic coverage but wanted to get as far away from it as possible right now.

We arrived at Westfield Stafford and parked up, and started looking for Meat & Co so I could enjoy my last steak for at least six months maybe more. However searched high and low and could not find it. As time was running out we went to Indigo (Indian street food). We ordered a lamb and a chicken wrap in naan. A papri chaat and masala chips. Not forgetting glass bottles which always reminds me of being in Saudi or Kashmir. The lamb wrap was perfect, the lamb was moist and the sauce just right and nothing beats a fresh naan. The papri and chips not as amazing but still good. Then my husband decided to give me half of his chicken for the other half of the lamb. I was slightly annoyed as he knows I like lamb and he should have just taken the lamb but if was his birthday so I gave in. 

We then made our way over to the Orbit and looked in awe at the size of Westfield in comparison to our mall back home which probably was the size of one of the shops. We were out on the last weekend before Christmas so you can imagine a state of panic striken shoppers rushing around buying last minute presents. 

So after an agonising wait, we got to gear up, arm pads and a padded head gear like Peter Chec (ex Chelsea goalkeeper). Seeing the padding bought a sense of relief and in the same instance concern as to why we needed it. I looked around and saw some children no older then 10 doing it and I thought get a grip.

When it came to it you had to lay on a mat with a lip that you had to push your feet into and then hold onto a handle and lift you head up so it was tucked in, which was very uncomfortable. As I layed there and saw the darkness below me, the adrenaline kicked in, no going back. I had to pull myself along and push myself down. Well I did it and survived to tell the tale. Would I do it again…no not in a hurry, but yes I’m glad I did. As usual my husband was right, no I will not be relaying that information to him. 

Next stop Shisha, which involved a two minute walk damn you google maps fifteen minutes later we were walking around like tourist who had just arrived. It was a minefield trying to get out of the mall. We ended up at Babylon and ordered a grape and mint shisha. I had a try and nearly choked as it was so harsh, all you could taste was the smoke no flavour. So we called the waiter over and he spent a good five minutes sorting it out. 

Yes I know smoking is not good for you and I do not encourage it, but a recreational shisha once in a blue moon is allowed. We were on a tight schedule so as soon as we arrived it felt like it was time to go again. So this time my husband used his ‘nose’and got us back in five minutes. 

The journey home felt longer than the whole evening as firstly the Blackwell Tunnel was closed, then Tower Bridge and every other exit out of London seemed to be shut. On top of it you could not see past you nose as the fog had set in. Going through the country roads with no vision felt as though I was reliving the slide all over again. 

Finally made it home and the eldest with chicken pox decided to get up and spend the night wandering back and forth as he could not sleep from the itching. I felt so helpless as I could not take it away but waited till I could give him some more pirton and calpol.


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