Morning of Surgery

It’s 06.50 in the morning and thanks to the constipation saga that unfolded next to me I would have got more sleep in a night club . I am not being judgemental but throwing up in a bowl is not the end of the world. There are some people like the woman next to me who believes the rest of the us should suffer. If your able to walk and talk louder than an amplifier you can go to the toilet across the corridor! I know I should remain calm but I am fuming, I admire the nurses that have been so calm and understanding towards her. 

I so need a cup of tea but thanks to ‘Nil by mouth’ scrawled on the board behind my bed I will have to ‘firm it’ as my husband would say. It’s ten to 9 so I’m all prepped. Taken a rampril tablet to lower my already low blood pressure, apparently it helps with the bleeding. Put on the sexy hospital gown and the black tights. Recieved and made a few FaceTime conversations. 

I am going to try and get 4o winks before I  get called in so ciao for now! 


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