Day 12 – Bowel movements

I know this may be far too much information but I am pleased to say that I finally emptied my bowels. For a moment whilst on the toilet the cramping reminded me of labour and I thought I am going to die (slightly melodramatic I know). It has been over two weeks so I was going to ask the husband for some Lactose solution, but luckily it passed without to much pain. 

I definitely feel less sluggish and sorry for myself at the moment. Maybe it’s more than my bowels that I emptied as I can see more than a glimmer of hope of recovering. I know there are people out there battling bigger demons and a lot less fortunate then me. But I am not going to pretend, I feel rubbish and at least twenty times a day think why? If that is weak so be it! 

I know my strength and know I will be fine when I come out of the recovery phase, feeling tired. I am a mum of three ‘Ferrels’ so I am used to the tiredness aspect it’s just there are no simple pleasure like having a hot cup tea that I can actually taste. 

On a more positive note I can manage to drink from an actual glass without a lid or straw which is an achievement I can tell you. So hopefully not to much longer to wait for an Assam Tea. 


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