A fortnight ago

I had just come out of surgery feeling as light as kite as the anaesthetic and morphin whizzed around my body. Two weeks later I am still feeling more than a little sorry for myself as I am fed up with the blocked sinuses, the aching jaws and the numbness. Existing feels like such an effort at the moment. Earlier I coughed and it felt like my jaws would be ripped apart. I wonder am I ever going to get better or is this my life now? 

My daily liquid diet is another thing that is making me want to lose the will to live. Breakfast – Strawberry meal replacement milkshake (Complain). Lunch – Soup (chicken, rice, lentils and vegetables all grinded down into a thick liquid) which I have to drink through a straw as my bottom lip is numb and swallowen and I would end up with most of it on my chin. Then there is Halidi (Tumeric) milk with honey. Halidi is the miracle ingredient to help with any ache, pain or to assist with healing. Dinner depends on how I’m feeling normally another shake or some more soup. 

I just hope it was all worth it as right now I feel like it’s never ending. I remember reading somewhere that a majority of getting better is positivity. But I am only human and I am concerned as I thought I would be living again. Yes I know I am being dramatic but it’s hurting right now and all I want to do is sleep but the pain is making me feel sick and annoyed! 

If you are reading this as you are considering Jaw Surgery, despite my negativity I would still recommend it, just make sure you get it before you have too many responsibilities so that you can focus on just yourself. Although the past two weeks would have been worse if it was not for my family, especially my selfless parents who have spent their lives dedicated to our causes. By no means forgetting the husband who has been star, despite his sprinklings of positive advice. 


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