Day 15 – Trout Pout

Last night has been attrocious! The lack of sleep as my mouth ached and I sat up and clock watched till I could drug myself a bit more. Tears streamed down my face as inside I had collapsed. There was a point where I could have just ripped it all out, mind you I did not know where to start. My top lip has started to swell and resembled lip fillers gone wrong. 

My face felt tighter and swallowen inside. Yes I am moaning, but at least even with labour after a few days you feel a bit better! To add to it all, sitting there watching everyone eat actual food, while I  slurp the latest of my mothers concoctions through a straw was not fun.

Even the colour in the flowers bought by a well wishers cannot brighten the day, it has officially been one of the worst! On that note I am hoping for a better night and day…fingers crossed.


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