Day 16 – Better

What a difference a better night sleep can make, it was broken but only the once as the pain seemed to reside to a level that was irritable yet manageable. I almost felt like there was light at the end of the tunnel.

Today I pottered round the house trying to sort out washing, and other bits that had fallen behind due to the operation. How I hate laundry, it has seemed to take over my life, no matter how much I do, the baskets are still overflowing.  

I even attempted and finished half a weetabix. I was so conscious that bits were going to get stuck where I couldn’t reach. At the moment I am using a kids toothbrush as my jaws are held together with elastics to keep them in place till they are fully set. Then I am using an antiseptic mouthwash given by the hospital but cannot properly swirl round the mouth. Every session ends in tear rolling down my cheek not self inflicted just the stinging from the mouthwash. 

My final drink consumed (gold milk) courtesy of mum. All the boys are in bed, clothes and bags for nursery and school done. So now it’s time to rest my head, fingers crossed for another good night. 


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