Day 17 – Spoke to soon!

Another night spent tossing and turning as my mouth tightens and swells! I try to go to a happy place and drift of…no such luck, another night clock watching. Fleeting in and out of social media apps on my phone, once exhausted tried again to sleep. All whilst my husband lies there next to me in his new grandad pyjamas. 

Yesterday’s progress has all but diminished today and the tightening of my mouth from inside is scaring me, am I infected I wonder, but I do not have a temperature. That’s the first thing on my list tomorrow to call the doctor! 

My right side as you can see from the photo is swelling more and making my face feel really sore and uneven. On a slightly more positive note I have nearly lost half a stone in weight, which I remember my hygienist saying, but she also reminded me that it will go straight back on and quicker if your not careful! Right now my only concern is to heal so that I can physically eat something, without it being turned into watery mush.


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