Day 19 – A little prayer 

As I have exhausted most avenues of pain relief, both medical and herbal I thought maybe it was time I turned to the creator and asked for relief. I know those religious amongst you are probably disgusted but at least I am honest and not judgemental as I believe that each person’s relationship with Allah (God) is personal to them. I prayed before I went to bed and even though the situation has not changed I felt more hopeful. 

I slept for longer then I had managed the last two days so there was a slight improvement. Also I think the Nurofen Plus (added codeine) tablets were working better than others. As the boys were all at school and nursery, what better time then to catch up with some sleep! 

Then as usual I was chauffeured to my parents by my dad, he has gone above and beyond, well he always does but since my operation it has been constant for him. I just hope that I will be able to return the favour one day. There was a lot of chat and laughter at my parents as they had family over, which for a while made me forget about the pain. 

I had a bit of a break through and ate some French Toast (eggy bread). It was like learning to eat again without the use of teeth and minimal chewing. I nearly managed two slices but halfway through the second piece it got too painful. Small steps as the husband would say.

Overall today I have felt a tad more human and can see an end to this journey. I am feeling shattered so hopefully I can knock out, and awake refreshed, ready to fight another day. 


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