Day 27 – Post Op check 3

After a sleepless night, I know it’s a regular occurrence should be used to it by now! I was staying at my parents and sharing a bed with my middle boy, which was fine till it got to just before midnight and his nose got more and more blocked that he could not breathe. So I got some Vicks vapour and rubbed it on his chest whilst trying to clean his nose as he tried to kick and push me away. After that it was pretty much game over as the constant battle of trying to get comfortable and making sure I kept the quilt on him lasted through the night. 

It was a Thursday so that means check up day at the hospital. Hopefully I would not be waiting hours for a five minute appointment. Well the wait was just over half an hour so I could not complain too much. The surgeon/consultant prodded and pulled my mouth and as usual said he was pleased, everything I mentioned he said normal, normal! The orthodontist then changed my elastics and the strength to red, which instead of a triangle at the front were now more vertical. 

They were officially discharging me from the max fax (maxillofacial) back to orthodontics upstairs for my appointment the week after. After these appointments my mouth always feels sore and I just want to sleep. 

Day 25

Day 26


I almost forgot I can start enjoying a cup of tea, always a silver lining. It’s five to midnight and the pain has kicked in again, these new elastics hurt so much! 


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