Today marks a month! 

I waited so long to have my jaw surgery done and it’s already been a month since I had it. Time has not flown by, I have felt every second of pain, some days have been better than others. On other occasions I have sobbed like a baby as the aching gets too much. My poor husband and parents have had to bear the brunt of my pain, by managing my life so that I could recover. 

Yesterday I had a mixed day as managed to eat a jacket patoto, it took a while and it was of a mashed consistency but still I felt a sense of accomplishment. Things were getting better, slowly but surely. I also made a fajitas for the boys which they loved putting together and eating.

Today I cannot even fit a baby spoon in my mouth and the inside of it feels swollen and aches. I am surviving on a cup of tea and a few spoons of chocolate cream, but even that was a struggle. On a positive I have lost 9lbs, which is still a far cry from my pre pregnancy weight but it is a start. I have just got to make sure I can keep it off now so I can finally wear some of the clothes that are taking up so much of my closet space. 

A month on my chin and bottom lip have very little sensation and my nose (sinus) get so blocked thanks to the minus temperature that we are currently experiencing that I have to run back inside as breathing becomes a struggle. It’s like having shards of glass scraping each other. 

At the moment I am preferring my pre operation face. 


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