Day 31 – one step forward two steps back

My jaws feel as though they are getting tighter and the opening to insert food into my mouth is getting smaller. Back to complan I go, just saw an advert for pizza and I am so craving one, well anything hot and tasty. Instead my happiness comes from weighing my self on the scales each day and watching the numbers slowly getting smaller. 

My mum and younger brother fly out tomorrow, and a big part of me wishes I was on that plane with them. Going anywhere nowadays is expensive, especially with being limited to school holidays and the smothering heat out there. My mum definitely deserves a break, mostly from me as I have been carrying on like an invalid for the last month. My poor dad will be around to adhere to my endless demands. In life I could not have asked for more selfless parents then they are. 

It’s 11.30pm so that means I can drug myself to hopefully get some sleep. Let’s hope for a better day tomorrow. Also my husband pointed out the photo yesterday was not a good comparison so here is take two. 


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