Day 34 – No go

Another Thursday, another appointment at the hospital, this time with the orthodontics. I am really not looking forward to this as the aching and general inconvenience of my mouth has not improved much. I have had to restart using the antiseptic mouthwash again as it felt my mouth was getting worse with out, despite the fact that you should not use it for more than two weeks as there is a risk of staining. I may have to invoice the surgeon for a course of intense whitening. I also forgot to put my front elastics on, oh naughty me! 

The orthodontist apologised God the delay, however I reassured them that actually it was not a long a wait as usual. He asked me how I was feeling and about the elastics which he then removed so that he could get a better look in my mouth. He was very impressed with the cleaning of the teeth, this maybe due to the fact I am more drinking then actual physical chewing, eating of food. But I took the praise, it’s nice to get a pat on the back occasionally. 

I explained to him about the tightness inside my mouth and the fact the opening  of my jaws felt smaller and tighter. Apparently there was a lot of trauma round my mouth and gums due to operation and me accidentally biting my cheeks when they are numb. We agreed that any changing of wires would have to wait as it would be too painful. He just wanted the senior orthodontist to confirm. 

In comparison to him, she was so brutal in her words and action. She was adamant the work needed to be carried out today and pointed out the 101 flaws that need to be adjusted. Highlighting the fact that previous patients had, had work carried out a month after surgery. I felt like screaming at her and crying at the same time. ‘Everyone is Fxxxing different!’ Sorry I know I should not be swearing but I realty could not stand her lack of compassion. I hope she is not around next time as I may ask to be seen by my previous orthodontist.

So in the end I came home with blue strength elastics (two packets). I am going to end up with a shop supply of elastics by the end of the treatment. So now I only have to hook one elastic from the middle of my top teeth to my bottom in a triangle, which is simple enough to do. 


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