Day 37 – Limbo

Yesterday I had no choice but to try and eat actual food as we were out and I was starving. By that I mean not puréed in a blender. I ordered the spinach, sweet potato and goats cheese pie (Square Pie – Bluewater), which is apparently also Kate Moss favourite. Not forgetting a side of mash potato, just incase I could not manage the pie. It was struggle and I constantly had to wipe my face and lips as I could feel the filling leaking out of my mouth. The crispy parts of pastry I avoided as a piece got wedged and almost made me choke. 

Would I endure the struggle again? Yes 100%, it was so perfect and despite trying to fit it in between the 1cm gap between my top and bottom teeth I enjoyed every spoonful. 

Today I have been feeling the pain caused enjoying my pie yesterday as the gap seems to have tightened. I have started to feel more sensation in some of my top teeth as they come ‘back to life’. 

It’s nearly 6 weeks since I have had my operation, and normality should return. So fingers crossed in the next five days I will no need the drugs to block out the inconvenience. The lack of food has helped me loose weight for which I am grateful, but I believe it has also made me ‘Hangry’ (angry due to hunger) as I constantly seem to be shouting at the boys. I do feel guilty afterwards, but by that time it is too late as it cannot be un said. 

As you can see the right side is still swallowen, which is making my face look less symmetrical than before the operation. 


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