Day 68 – Blocked nose

I am literally shivering as I write this, I thought March marked spring time? Obviously the weather did not get the memo as I sit here in a blanket, with a cup of dood pathi (milky tea made in a pan). I have ramped up the heating but I still feel as though I am sitting in the artic. The howling wind outside adds to the need to go back to bed. Then reality comes into play I have the younger two at home today so no resting my head. 

(If you look carefully you can see the puffs of steam)

I know it’s been a while since I have updated on the jaw/teeth situation. Well to be honest it’s more an inconvenience than anything. Everything nose down on my face has become more sensitive and thanks to the weather my nose is so blocked it’s actually hurting my whole face. The face is still a bit swollen on one side so makes it look a bit lop sided. The bottom lip and chin area is still numb, but more sensitive at the same time. 

(Ignore the overgrown eyebrows and no make up or photo filter my stylist is forever on holiday! I need to sleep more).

The teeth are generally doing okay although I have to admit I have not religiously being wearing the elastics. I still cannot use an electric tooth brush despite the opening being larger as the vibrating causes too much pain. All in all it’s a very slow journey of recovery. Eating has improved and I have been tucking into solid actual food, which has been a relief but cannot really enjoy them as have a disgusting aftertaste in my mouth. 

(Day 38 – top photo, day 47 – bottom left and today bottom right)

I guess I must be thankful for the weight loss which has been just over 1 stone (6.35 kg). However if I do not keep an eye on it, I am sure it will start creeping back on as my hygienist experienced. I would like to lose another stone, but more realistically half a stone. I guess I may have to break with tradition and actually go back to the gym. If only things were as easy as when we write or say them. 

I have an orthodonticts appointment later on today which I am not looking forward to as it’s the day the wires are due for change. I am sure I will get the patronising senior to assess the situation making it feel like I am being schooled. I really hope it’s not her, how pathetic do I sound? 

My mug has finished, which means time to remove myself from the sofa. The youngest has started tugging the blanket asking for doodo (milk) and that he needs the blanket as he is freezing. Now he has sat on the floor and is emptying out his nursery clothes bag, arghhh! Sometimes I wonder why I even bother putting things away because as soon as my back has turned it looks like a bomb hit our house. They always seem to time it just as someone decides to visit or just before there dad comes home. So it looks as though I have done nothing all day. 

(As I was saying as I went to warm the milk behind the sofa I had this waiting for me)


It’s been a while since I have been here, although I can positively say I have not missed it and I forgot to put my elastic in, I feel a telling off coming up. It is a lot busier in the waiting area hopefully there for other clinics and it does not mean a long wait for the orthodonticts. At least I have thawed somewhat as I had a nice hot, yes okay scorching shower. Put on a dress style hoody which is keeping me nice and toasty for now. 

*Well that was a first I was called in a minute before my appointment time . I do not think that has ever happened. Its now two in the afternoon which means I have endured over an hour and half of torture. My least favourite senior was there to check my teeth and tell me I need to clean them better. However even the orthodontist admittted that with the undertie (a wire which is twisted under your normal brace wire so it’s touching your teeth) it’s so difficult to clean. 

So there was a lot of pulling and pushing, metal on metal clunking. Blood from the probing in my gums as I have been wearing my brace for so long and havin genetically poor gums they need to be regularly checked. Even after several rinses the taste of blood is there making me nauseous. Next on the list was to wobble all my teeth to check their mobility as everything is unaligned and not meeting where it should. I was fortunate enough to have two visits from the senior, she came back to inspect and there was more attacking with a whizzing type instrument. 

Every so often I would hear a ‘well done’. I did not want a well done I wanted it to bloody finish. It just went on and on the tugging at my jaw and teeth was horrendous, I just wanted it to stop. I clenched my fist and tried to block the sounds which only heightened the intensity. I closed my eyes behind the sunglasses I had been given and started to drift off, only for a few seconds till it hurt again. I know I have endured labour but tooth pain is a very close second. 

Just as the appointment had come to an end and I was ready to leave the orthodontist said he’d forgotten the elastics. Like I was not in enough pain he put them on and told me to take a photo so I could remember where they need to go. I took the photo and picked up the pink medical photography card and headed over there to smile, when smiling was the last thing I wanted to do.


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