Flip Out

As I write this I am listening to my youngest in his cot talking to himself and acting out a scene from the ninja turtles as he calls them. My husband is laying next to me reading his second book of the year, Imran Khan (Pakistan, A personal history) well at least he is sticking to his new year resolution to read ten books this year. I on the other hand seem to be constantly glued to my phone or any device that will connect me to the world. An addiction of sorts, well it’s not causing any harm, more wasting time.

A kiss goodnight from the husband after having rubbed Voltarol into each other’s back (do not worry I was not going to go fifty shades of grey on you!), but seriously I thought that was for your seventies. My pain cannot be avoided unless obviously I become pregnant again…no that’s not happening. I know I have previously  moaned extensively about this so I will not bore you. Just to reiterate it bloody hurts. The husband on the other hand has no one but himself to blame due to his antics earlier on in the day.

Despite it being a Sunday, my youngest ray of sunshine, well more like a downpour that we awoke to this morning was up before 7 ready to go ‘upstairs’, yes he means downstairs. So I relunctantly dragged myself out of bed. Not long after the older two were up and I started to get them dressed and fed as we had to be in Wandsworth for before 12.

We were joined by my husband sister and her family and his youngest brother at Flip Out. When I had booked the tickets I had to check the price a few times to make sure that an hour of play plus socks was going to cost £70. Yes it did, but I guess it would give a chance for the boys to see their cousins and us adults could pretend that we were all Olympic standard trampolinist. 

My husband took on the role of being an inspiration to his kids, this is the case he presents anytime he wants to watch and or play a sporting activity. So obviously he was excessively jumping, shooting hoops, flipping, landing hard on the mats. Disappearing with the younger brother, 10 years younger I may add to do flips into the foam pits. Well I guess since we had paid an arm and a leg to get in there he was entitled to it. I had a laugh as well, cannot deny that as I did some tucks and played with the boys who were thoroughly enjoying themselves. 

Just before we had left home I had taken some painkillers for my mouth as it was feeling sore, and I did not even realise that it was time of the month as the initial pain had been masked. However I can now feel every jump! The husband’s back is out, severely out from,’inspiring’. I did laugh at him, but I do actually feel bad for him as I know he has a really busy work at week and this only going to add to the load.

Oh wow it’s nearly midnight, this is my problem sleeping too late, being tired in the morning and generally feeling rubbish. Also thanks to my lack of organising I have not ironed the boys nursery clothes for tomorrow so that is going to be an extra early start. It will get easier I am sure of it, well I guess one can hope. So on that note I bid you farewell, Sweet dreams. 


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