Day 155 – Freedom

It always a good start when the check in kiosk screen lets you know that your appointment is running half an hour late and you know that you have another appointment later on that same day. Moan over, yes I know you have all been eagerly awaiting my next blog as you enjoy my constant moaning, so I have been informed. Well here I am and its my day of Freedom…well for my teeth anway! My brace (cages as many of my family have named them) are coming off! My top brace went on over 7 years ago on the 10th April 2010, and the bottom one a few weeks later. 

In that time my brace accompanied me for my wedding, hoildays, being a mother, buying our first family home and another million milestones inbetween. I am grateful for the work they have carried out, but will be glad of a mouth free of metal, wires poking my cheeks, sore gums, small fortunate spent at the hygienist, the list can go on and on. 

As today has been coming closer, well ever since the orthodontist told me two months ago, I have to be honest I have been feeling a sense of fear. No not full blown anxiety more just a little niggling in the back of my head that all my teeth are going to fall out! Yes I know dramatic, but when one of your longest relationships has been with your brace the removal and pain of removal does feel a bit overwhelming!

So today the brace will be removed and I was kindly advised by the orthodontist to come ‘drugged up’ as the removal of the brackets and caps will require a lot of force coming out, I just hope my teeth will not be coming out with them. Well my name has been announced on the screen so here goes, wish me luck…eeek!

False alarm, they accidentally called me, is that an omen, okay now slowly paranoia is starting to kick in! Hurry up please! 


Not long after I was called in and asked to read and sign the debonding retrainer treatment. Here goes, first the orthodontist cleaned the back of my teeth and applied a fixed wire to both top and bottom with composite which was relatively pain free, the second half however was horrendous and even that is an understatement.

I nearly cried so many times as the brace was being removed as the combination of the clicking, drilling and pulling was at a level of pain above my threshold. I clenched the chair as hard as I could, and several times I had to stop the orthodontist as the pulling felt like my whole jaw was going to collapse. Personally I think the procedure should be carried out under local anesthetic as over the counter painkillers did not take the edge of it. 

By the end of it I was in so much pain that the orthodontist agreed to leave the last bit of concrete strength glue on my top right wisdom tooth at the back, he would tackle it in a few months time. Otherwise I think I may have run out of the chair. But the pain was not over as now I had to have moulds taken for my retainer fitting, oh joy! Well at least it would be the last time. As usual the top one did make me gag, I won’t miss that feeling. 

I finally saw my teeth and it felt awkward as the orthodontist stood there looking for a reaction and I suppose in my head I assumed they would look like Simon Cowell’s veneers and when they didn’t a slight sadness filled me, but I suppressed the feeling and told the orthodontist I was really happy! All I could feel was the fixed wire retainer on the back of my mouth and it dawned on me that I was not truly metal free.

I was then sent of to Medical photography or damn I forgot to get my eyebrows done oh well it could be worse! 


Back again and the retrainer was fitted, which was uncomfortable to put in an felt extremely tight! Yes I know it has to be to make sure my teeth do not move back. The orthodontist explained the after care whilst I just zoned out and looked at the door as I had, had enough for a day. 


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